Eligibility :

In order to submit, you must :

1. Have an mx3 page

2. Have an original track, for which you own the copyright, that you submit to make a clip for, that lasts for a maximum of 4 minutes, and for which no official clip has previously been made.

3. Be in a position, in case of victory, to provide a professional recording of your track, in the following format: wav / 48khz / 24 bits

4. Be a Swiss citizen or reside in Switzerland.

5. Be capable of sustaining a one hour set.

6. Not have already won the previous edition.

Process :

Selected artist will be chosen on application file only. 10 projects will be chosen by the committee, announced on the 13th September. Artists will then have a few days to provide a motivation letter and extra documentation to defend their project.

Selected artist will be publicly announced the 22th September 2021.

If you win :

1. The total value of the production is  apprx 20'000 chf, none of which will be provided in cash, but rather invested in producing the clip.

2. The artist commits to make every personal and logistical effort to facilitate and help in the making of the clip, during filming as during preparations.

3. The artist must be able to travel to the Lausanne area, for the preparation and the finalisation of the clip, regardless of place of residence.

4. If the artist cannot provide a professional recording of the submitted track, the artist automatically renounces the prize.

5. Participation in the Hivernales is up to the festival's discretion.

6. The Hivernales has a 500CHF fee for the artist, non negotiable.

Lets develop the project, from start to finish :

6. The candidate and the filmmaker must develop a music video concept which is agreeable to both parties. This is not a commercial order. The filmmaker reserves the right to refuse to film certain images or statements which would go against her personal sensitivities, values or tastes.

7. The clip will be credited according to "Picture My Music" modalities. The artist cannot oppose the presence of partner logos in the credits.

8. "Picture My Music" retains exclusive rights on the diffusion of the clip on the internet.

9. The film will be considered the official music video for the submitted track and will be diffused according to those terms.

10. The candidate unreservedly accepts the general terms of participation set by Mei Fa Tan.